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Ozarks Water Watch
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Ozarks Water Watch at Beaver Lake is a water quality program for homeowners and residents of the Beaver Lake Watershed in Northwest Arkansas!

Ozarks Water Watch is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote water quality in the Upper White River Basin through bi-state collaboration on research, education, and public policy. At Beaver Lake, Ozarks Water Watch strives to protect the lake and its watershed through monitoring, outreach and education. Beaver Lake is the first of four major impoundments of the Upper White River Basin and serves as the drinking water source for over 400,000 people in Northwest Arkansas.


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If you are interested in joining a monitoring team, click here to learn about sites where volunteers are needed.

Educational Materials

Home Owners Education Program

Free education to help you evaluate your home for potential pollution risks...

Site Assessment

guide to assessing your property for potential risks to water quality...

Landscape Management

Landscaping, gardening, and lawn care are important to many residents...

Water Management and Conservation

This section will help you better understand your water well, if you have on...

Septic System Management

The key to maintaining proper wastewater treatment and protecting water qual...

Hazardous Household Waste

make sure chemicals, cleaners, and other products are used safely, stored pr...

Boat and Dock Maintenance

Reduce pollution risks, boat cleaning and maintenance, spill prevention......


This is a list of agencies and resources you may find helpful in addressing ...


Beaver LakeSmart

Long-term trends revealed in new data monitoring reports

by: Angela Danovi, Arkansas Projects Manager The 2020 StreamSmart and Beaver Lake Watershed citizen science monitoring reports have been released.  […]

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