Arkansas Advisory Board

Angela Danovi

Ozarks Water Watch - Regional Projects Director

Angela Danovi is the program director for Beaver LakeSmart and a regional projects director for Ozarks Water Watch. As the LakeSmart program director, Angela manages the StreamSmart volunteer monitoring across the Beaver Lake Watershed and the Beaver Lake Volunteer Program, monitoring the water of Beaver Lake. Additionally, Angela presents educational programs to civic organizations, groups, and individuals who are interested in learning about the geography of the Beaver Lake Watershed and environmentally preferred best management practices individuals can implement to protect their health, their home, and the water quality of Beaver Lake and the hundreds of miles of streams, creeks, and rivers that flow into the lake.

Angela began working in Rogers, Arkansas with Ozarks Water Watch in April 2012 after completing her Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Soil Science and a Master of Science in Geography with a focus in water quality, at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Angela's academic research focused on the distribution of phosphorus in stream channel sediments. Previously, Angela has served on the CAC AmeriCorps Water Quality Team and the National Science Foundation GK-12 Project.

Matthew Rich

Beaver Water District - Environmental Specialist

Matthew Rich represents the Beaver Water District Environmental Quality department as a member of the Beaver LakeSmart Advisory Board. Matthew joined Beaver Water District in the summer of 2016. Matthew is a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville with a Bachelor of Science degree in Soil and Water Science and has a scheduled Spring 2018 defense for his Master of Science degree in Environmental Sciences, with a research focus on water quality gradients in Beaver Lake, AR. Before returning to Arkansas to attend graduate school, he was the Lab Manager/Research Associate in the Roberts Biogeochemistry lab at the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium where he studied the effects of Macondo oiling to Louisiana marshes due to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the northern Gulf of Mexico. As an Environmental Specialist with BWD, he routinely monitors and samples throughout the upper Beaver Lake watershed and works with program partners to implement Best Management Practices that aid in source water protection.

Dot Neely

Beaver Water District - Education Coordinator

Dot Neely represents the Beaver Water District Education Program as a member of the Beaver LakeSmart Advisory Board. Dot Neely, in the capacity as Beaver Water District Education Coordinator, assists the District’s Public Affairs Director in maintaining a regional presence as a provider of Beaver Lake Watershed and Water Resources education and public outreach programs, contributes to the development and implementation of curriculum and strategies for all public outreach programs including, but not limited to, environmental public awareness events and general education for all age groups, and is responsible for scheduling and delivering programs, workshops, professional development, and other education presentations to schools, partners, community groups, and businesses. Neely is a graduate of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, with Master and Bachelor of Science Degrees in Geology. She joined the Fayetteville Natural Heritage Association in 2008 to assist with the Green Infrastructure Planning Project Pilot Study and has served on the FNHA Board of Directors since 2010. She was a Washington County League of Women Voters Board Member and Newsletter Editor from 2010 through 2014

Ken Leonard

Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists - President

Devoted conservationist and Arkansas Master Naturalist. President of the NWA Chapter of the Arkansas Master Naturalists 2014-2015. Currently retired and previous small business owner in NWA. Bachelor of Science, George Washington University. Master of Business Administration, University of Maryland. Member Rotary Club of Bentonville, President 2014-2015.

Trish Ouei

University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture - Cooperative Extension Service of Benton County

Trish is a county extension agent in Benton County, Arkansas focusing on Urban Stormwater through the Extension-based Northwest Arkansas Stormwater Education Program. Trish was on the original team that put together the Beaver LakeSmart Homeowner Education Program. Currently serves as the Vice President of Beaver Watershed Alliance Board of Directors. Trish graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a BS in Health Education and she graduated from the University of Arkansas with an MS in Educational Technology.

Erin Scott

University of Arkansas Water Resources Center

Erin Scott is the Program Manager at the Arkansas Water Resources Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas and oversees a variety of water resource projects conducted by the Center. She attended the University of Arkansas where, in the spring of 2013, she earned a Master of Science degree in Environmental Sciences with a research focus in water science. Some of the projects she works on include water quality monitoring and trend analysis in the Upper White River Basin and Illinois River Watershed, the relationship between source water quality and drinking water treatment at Beaver Water District, and creating a platform for public accessibility to water quality data.