Frequently Asked Questions

Are you accepting new volunteers and how can I get more information about volunteering?

Yes! We are always excited to have new volunteers participate in our programs. If you would like more information about volunteering, contact Beaver LakeSmart Program Coordinator, Angela Danovi, at [email protected] or at 479.295.7717. All training and equipment for water quality monitoring is provided.

How can I get a speaker to come talk with my group?

Connecting with the public about the water quality of Northwest Arkansas and Beaver Lake Watershed is one of our main priorities. Speakers are available to address many different topics related to water quality, monitoring, and specific presentations related to our education pages. To request a speaker, please contact Beaver LakeSmart program director, Angela Danovi at [email protected] or at 479.295.7717.

Do you provide any youth or student programs?

Yes! We love working with youth in schools, church groups, scout groups, youth organizations or through any other opportunity. We will work with you to plan a program that fits with the ages of the participants and your needs for meeting specific academic requirements or program requirements. There are also planned programs throughout the year that provide great experiences for youth to get close to water and learn about Beaver Lake Watershed. For further information or to request a youth program, please contact Beaver LakeSmart Program Director, Angela Danovi, at 479.295.7717 or at [email protected]

I am having a problem with water in my home or on my property, how can I get some help?

We can help! Whether your problem is concern for the quality of your well water, a concern with your septic system, active erosion on your property, flooding, or interest in installing a rain garden or permeable driveway, we can help connect you to the right resources to address your problem. You can contact Beaver LakeSmart Coordinator, Angela Danovi, at [email protected] or 479.295.7717 and we will work together to find the resources for your water problems.