Welcome to Beaver LakeSmart!

LakeSmart-Logo-GIF-Small-250x243Welcome to Beaver LakeSmart.  We are so excited to launch this new website.  We want to invite you to look around our new website and learn about our program and many of the activities we’ve been doing and services we offer.  One of the biggest assets of our site is the electronically available Beaver LakeSmart self assessment guide for homeowners and residents!  You will find the entire guide at the homeowners education program.  Each chapter of the guide is listed to the left-hand side of the page of the homeowners education page.  Click on the topic you want to learn more about and you can download the specific chapter related to the topic and watch the videos on that topic that were produced by the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service.

The website also features our StreamSmart Volunteer Monitoring Program and our Beaver Lake Volunteer Monitoring Program.  Through these programs we monitor the water quality of Beaver Lake and the watershed. We will be posting our data online, so you can keep up with how the water is doing near you! If you would like to join our volunteer water quality teams, both monitoring programs are still in need of volunteers.  So, please send us a message to get more information!

We are really excited about our blog!  We often have many things we want to share with you from big events like the Annual Secchi Day on Beaver Lake to some of the innovative water quality protection practices like the series of raingardens the city of West Fork has implemented.  This will also be the place where we will highlight big events, share fun stories from the watershed, and provide information on easily adaptable best management practices that you can do to help improve and protect the water quality of Beaver Lake.

When you’re not at our website, we invite you to follow us on our new social media apps at facebook, twitter, google+, or linkedin.  All of our blog updates will be posted to our social media.  You will want to make sure and follow us so you will never miss our latest post!

Once again welcome to Beaver LakeSmart and we hope you will let us know what you think of the site and come back to visit us soon!


Angela Danovi

Beaver Lakesmart Program Coordinator

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