Ozarks Water Watch at Beaver Lake!


We are excited to announce our new name: Ozarks Water Watch at Beaver Lake!

Since 2012, Ozarks Water Watch has maintained a full time office in Rogers, Arkansas, staffed by regional projects coordinator, Angela Danovi, while carrying out programs through various partners and various names.  Now, to unify our organization across the Upper White River Basin in Arkansas and Missouri and to help promote our ongoing work in the Beaver Lake Watershed, we have brought our website name, social media, and project work home to Ozarks Water Watch at Beaver Lake!

Ozarks Water Watch is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving the water quality of the Upper White River Watershed.  The watershed includes 4 major impoundments, three major rivers and numerous smaller lakes and streams crisscrossing over 14,000 square miles in 19 counties in Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. Beaver Lake is the first of four major impoundments of the Upper White River Basin and serves as the drinking water source for over 400,000 people in Northwest Arkansas.  The work we do in the Beaver Lake Watershed helps protect water quality for everyone in the watershed and downstream of Beaver Dam.

We will continue our projects in the Beaver Lake Watershed focusing on monitoring lakes through our lakesmart volunteer monitoring program and monitoring streams through our streamsmart volunteer monitoring program.  You will also find us supporting and leading partner events including the West Fork Cleanup, War Eagle Appreciation Day, Secchi Day on Beaver Lake and more!

You can now reach us our website at www.owwbeaverlake.org and on facebook at www.facebook.com/owwbeaverlake/