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Stream Monitoring Volunteers Needed

It’s July and that means it is time to start organizing new volunteers to join our streamsmart volunteer monitoring.

If you have previously completed StreamSmart training, are a current or former master naturalist, an outdoor enthusiast, or somebody that wants to get involved in environmental activities, then becoming a StreamSmart Volunteer is for you!  Our annual training is coming up on Saturday, July 14 and you can register to attend for free, here

However, some of you may already be ready to get out in the field and are looking for a site to help monitor.  This year we have developed an online registration process to monitor a site.  Below are the sites where we need volunteers.  Each site has a map and a photo of the site, along with a site registration form.  Take a look at these sites and when you find one where you want to work, just fill out the volunteer form and we’ll contact you about helping with upcoming monitoring.

If you have any questions or need more information about volunteering or if you need information about a specific site, please contact Angela Danovi at 479-295-7717 or email [email protected]

Sites needing volunteers – SignUp Forms:

  1. Site 200-Ward Slough
  2. Site 201-Middle Fork of the White River at Harris Bridge Road
  3. Site 210-Town Branch
  4. Site 301-War Eagle at Withrow Springs State Park
  5. Site 306-Prairie Creek
  6. Sites 307/308-Holman Creek Upstream of Huntsville/Downstream of Huntsville


Site Descriptions

Ward Slough-Site 200: Volunteer Sign-Up

Ward Slough is located in Washington County behind Greenland City Hall off of hwy 71

Latitude/Longitude 35.997167, -94.173944

Ward Slough (Site 200)

Middle Fork of White River-Harris Bridge Road-Site 201: Volunteer Sign-up

Middle Fork of the White River is located about 8 miles southwest of Lake Sequoyah Park on hwy 51

Latitude, Longitude: 35.995833, -94.072889

Middle Fork of the White River at Harris Bridge Road (Site 201)

Town Branch-Site 210: Volunteer Sign-Up link

Town Branch is located in Fayetteville off of South Armstrong Road

Latitude/Longitude: 36.043167, -94.135861

Town Branch (Site 210)

War Eagle at Withrow Springs-Site 301: Volunteer Sign-up link

War Eagle at Withrow Springs-Site 301 is in Madison Co near Huntsville by the hwy 23 bridge at Withrow Springs State Park.  

Latitude/Longitude: 36.150000, -93.74013

War Eagle at Withrow Springs State Park (Site 301)

Prairie Creek-Site 306: Volunteer Sign-Up Link

Prairie Creek is located below Lake Atalanta Dam off Hwy 12 in Rogers.

Latitude/Longitude: 36.341222, -94.096528

Prairie Creek (site 306)

Holman Creek Upstream (Site 307) / Downstream (Site 308) of Huntsville

Holman Creek is located off of Hwy 412. The Upstream site is located on 412b about 1 mile south of 412. The downstream site is about a 5 minute drive from the upstream and is located on hwy 23 towards Withrow Springs.

Holman Creek Upstream of Huntsville (site 307) lat/long: 36.104417, -93.756750

Holman Creek Upstream of Huntsville (Site 307)

Holman Creek Downstream of Huntsville (site 308) lat/long: 36.124444, -93.734222

Holman Creek Downstream of Huntsville (Site 308)