Volunteer Monitoring Data


Prairie Creek Team

Welcome to our volunteer monitoring data page.  Below you will find data that our volunteers collected at their various sites beginning in August 2012.  Not every site has data for every sampling period due to field conditions or due to the timing of the site being brought into the program.  We hope this data gives you a better idea of water quality in the Beaver Lake Watershed.



Quarterly StreamSmart Lab Results

Data ReportExcel Data File
February 2020February 2020 Excel Data
November 2019November 2019 Excel Data
August 2019August 2019 Excel Data
May 2019May 2019 Excel Data
February 2019February 2019 Excel Data




 Annual StreamSmart Data Reports

2020 Data Report

2019 Data Report

2018 Data Report

2017 Report

2016 Report




2015 Report

Annual Lake Monitoring Data Reports

2014-2019 Report. Released in 2020

2014-2018 Data Report.  Released in 2019

2014-2016 Data Report. Released in 2017

2014-2015 Data Report. Released in 2016

2014 Monitoring Report. Released in 2015